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darn those little buggers

Stargate's Writing Joint
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:: About ::

Are you a Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis fanfiction writer?

Are you stuck?

Are you clueless?

Do you have a writer's blockade?

Then congrats! You're right here. What is sg_plotbunnies?

Well, this is basically a place for Stargate fanfiction writers, meant to share ideas, develop your work or find co-writers.

Have you got a plot bunny that you want to have written for you? Here's the place to ask for it.

Are you in need of ideas? Here you might be able to find them.

Basically anything Stargate fanfiction related can be posted here. Anyhow, there are certain rules to it.

Remember that the work of an author always belongs to said author unless otherwise stated. That is the only thing I ask of you. Don't steal the work of another writer. That's why this community will be members only. You must join to read the posts! This is not to keep you out, but to protect your work.

You also might want to put plot bunnies, questions or anything you post that's longer than 15 lines behind a lj-cut.

Have you got any questions? Leave a comment on the F.A.Q.s post and I'll help you out.

Thanks, nessaja82

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